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Essex Online is able to offer to you broadband with a difference! Starting from £15.99, we have a set of 9 home user and business quality broadband products available for you to choose.

We set ourselves apart in 5 key areas.

  1. Quality - We ensure that our supplier chain comes from the highest quality sources so that you get the very best and most reliable product.
  2. Support – Our dedicated helpdesk is based in Ipswich, Suffolk giving you access to knowledgeable professionals from just down the road. We give you the very best support you need, when you need it - and no painful queuing or holding systems to boot!
  3. The way we do business – Essex Online is operated by a charity so we are not after shareholder profits. All profits are returned back into the business or to benefit local projects in your area.
  4. Ethics -  All of our broadband Essex Online ensures that whenever we give you advice, you get the most straight forward and honest advice available. Our broadband services are purchased through The Phone Coop, meaning your services come via the very ethical co-operative movement.
  5. Environment – Our supply chain ensures that it’s operations are on a carbon neutral basis.

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