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Why get your ICT Support from Essex Online?

Listening & Understanding

Essex Online offers affordable IT support in Essex to voluntary organisations, charities and businesses. In this section, we detail our exclusive IT support packages designed for charities.

Having worked with the voluntary sector since it’s inception, Essex Online understands the needs of your organisation and always at the start of a new relationship will take time with you to understand what you need out of the service. It is this listening and understanding that sets Essex Online apart from most commercial providers.

Understanding the needs of the sector is a reason why we include a free annual health check on our Silver & Gold packages. We believe that effective maintenance of systems, done on at least an annual basis will in the long term save your organisation money, and with budgets in the sector tighter than ever this becomes vital to the long term viability of an organisation.

Honest & Straight-forward Advice

As an addition we also provide free procurement advice with our dedicated helpdesk, and ultimately potentially discounted procurement alongside this. We know that from dealing with existing clients, that in the past that they have been provided often bad advice on what IT equipment to procure. Essex Online believes that by offering honest and straightforward advice with it’s Essex
IT Support packages based on what is actually required, this will ultimately save your organisation vital funds in the future. Because of our agreements with large software retailers we are also able to get you the very best deals with the very best discounts available to the voluntary sector.

IT Support Package Flexibility

Essex Online, via it’s packages is able to offer a very flexible approach to IT support contracts. Whilst we can offer you the packages that are detailed on our IT Support Package & Pricing page, should you want a more bespoke package that includes inclusive on-site support, or more telephone hours then we are happy to quote you for this. Alternatively if you don’t want a support contract but would like access to our 3 knowledgeable professionals then we are happy to provide you our services at the bespoke hourly rate of
£55.00 per hour excluding VAT. If any of this interests you please click on our IT Support Contact page.

A “One Stop Shop” for ICT Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to get all or most of your ICT services from 1 trusted supplier? Well, with Essex Online this can be achieved. We have a portfolio of products ranging from broadband, website hosting, hosted email, ICT support and website design that we can offer you. Getting your services from 1 trusted supplier, means that you don’t have to hunt around for different numbers and also you don’t have to put up with different levels of service. Essex Online makes sure with any of it’s products it gives you the customer the very best level of service.

Please browse around the Products section of this website to find out more.

Track Record & Experience

As an Internet service provider for almost 10 years, Essex Online also has a proven track record of providing excellent
IT support
to all its home users in Essex and across the UK. Indeed the technical support department, which encompasses 3 highly knowledgeable professionals, was the shining light that came out of a survey performed on all subscribers back in 2005. As a result of this and an undeniable need in the community, Essex Online was able offer its own IT support contracts in Essex, with big discounts to those organisations and charities in the voluntary sector.

Essex Online is also delighted to say that as of February 2010 it’s parent body Suffolk Online has become an exclusive Netgear Powershift Partner. Essex Online for many years has supplied it’s customers various Netgear equipment due to their quality and reliability. Netgear is one of the world’s most respected IT vendors and being a Netgear Powershift Partner enables us to receive priority support with any of their devices, the best pricing, exclusive passes to their showcase events and knowledge of new devices in the marketplace. What does this mean for you? All of this allows us to provide even better value products to your organisation and should it go wrong, we can get priority support to fix or replace it quicker than you would have done otherwise. Being a powershift partner will also enable us to give you a ‘heads up’ when new equipment that could benefit your organisation comes onto the marketplace.



As a company we also believe in adhering to strict principles that govern how we do our job in providing IT Support in Essex. We have recently signed up to the official ICT Hub & Lasa IT Support principles. These detail how we will treat all our clients in any job that we perform for them. For more information on these please visit

We are also an accredited member of the Lasa ICT Hub Supplier’s Directory as you can see from the official logo below. We hope that by both these accreditations that they show you an example of the ethical nature of the way we work and treat our clients.

Essex Online, is also proud to say that it operates completely on a not for profit basis. All profits that are generated by the service are either re-circulated into the service or any surpluses made are redirected to local community projects.

Saving you money with IT Support in Essex!

Ultimately, all of the factors above we can demonstrate, will save you money. Annual health checks on your systems to ensure that they are correctly maintained, procurement advice to ensure you get the right equipment for your needs, discounted equipment meaning you get the best deals, access to excellent value support contracts and the ability to call on knowledgeable professional
will mean that you save money.